Monroe looks a bit of a carbon-copy of the hit US medical drama House - starring British actor Hugh Laurie. Monroe stars British TV screen favourite James Nesbit and like House in the US, I expect it to be a hit.

Thanks, Gary

Big Brother Returns

We thought we’d seen the last of Big Brother, but no, Channel 5 are continuing with the ghastly show which has surely run it’s time. Celebrity Big Brother is also set to return, with which we can expect endless manufactured buzz about who will be going into the house, only for them to last about 4 days and come out, probably.

gary corbett out.

Quantum Computing

So looking at the BBC site, further steps have been made in quantum computing.  

I believe the basic premise is that Qubits exploit quantum so unlike normal transistors, which either hold 1 or 0, they can represent both at the same time, to dramatically increase performance for the size.

I remember a guy phoning in and mentioning this (but referring to computer memory) several years ago on a local station. It pretty much flew over the heads of everyone listening, but I enjoyed his enthusiasm and that what he was talking about is now actually materialising.


The UK TV channel Dave has to be one of the best on freeview. I have just seen Men Behaving Badly on there, having forgot about the show altogether. Still brilliant, still relevant and still funny. Thanks Dave.

BT HomeHub

Why do you drop my connection everyday, and when BT are occasionally rang, tell someone to reset you, making you lose all your manually entered port-forwarding mappings? /Cry

Tumblr vs TypePad

Tumblr has the better interface by far, making it more fun to use. TypePad also has given up some usability to advertising. Tumblr wins.

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Tumblr Design

Tumblr’s design is great and they have carved out a niche in the blogging sphere partly down to their design. Posting feels good here.